Stone walls do not a prison make…

Ambition is a dangerous thing. Ambition and the means to pursue it, doubly so. But such is the life of those who attend court in Mercade; a dangerous dance of noble against noble – house against house – with each possessing the wealth and the will to sway the future of the kingdom and its people. And while a courtier may gamble with their own lives from time to time, the stakes in this game of life and death are far higher than a single soul. The lives gambled in court number in the hundreds and the thousands. That, of course, is the prize. The people.

People to sway. People to command. People to rule.

You are a new courtier and you are new to these games, though you are not without skills of your own. With the right plying, those skills can open new doors to a world of new opportunity. Those opportunities, however, may prove to be far from what was expected…

Nor iron bars a cage…

Your skills have opened new doors, alright. And now you are here, on the other side. The door is shut behind you and what lay ahead isn’t what you expected.

Not at all.

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A Cage Without a Key

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