A Cage Without a Key

Dragons to Ashes, Zaos to Dust

  • We continued on, led by Cara to the fountain of colory chaos
  • Well, Dysa wants sand from a dragon god realm. Fuck it, why not?
  • We decided to send in the laivbros. They wanted us to come. We were like “nah"
  • Off to the dragon realm! The hewn stone? Sure! We didn’t sleep there. Fear convo!
  • On our way travels we met a relimodi but we didn’t have time for that shit
  • Hellhounds have been sent for us
  • We dodged the hellhounds
  • During a sending attempt, Afarit read lines from his favorite storybook
  • We made it to dragon death guy place. He focked up Leon. But we got dust!
  • We left back to Zaos, it’s falling! Fuck! RUUUN!
  • We stripped for a window and were rewarded with stairs.



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