A Cage Without a Key

From One 'Hopeless' to Another

  • We start floating in the Deep Etheral like scrubs.
  • Soon we head towards Inphira, Sigil ’cept ball
  • Vox did NOT lead the group astray on the way
  • Inside! We met a dude! He took us to the elder!
  • Holy shit! Melori! Snake baby! Mmm!
  • Lots of similarities between this place and Sigil…
  • Turns out humans might predate this place!
  • Elder gives us a runestone to find realm of creation, sends us on our way
  • We found a Deck of Many Things. It broke us.
  • Eliza almost left. Lots of fighting. Is Orid who he says he is? Do we even party?
  • Things slowly got a little better.
  • We continued on. But navigation is hard. We had lots of trouble.
  • Eventually, after almost being sucked into Ravenloft we made it to the Piller of Creation. It told Cali where to go.
  • We found Fell’s maze! We broke him out with the power of tattoos!
  • Oh god, Fell can’t survive out of Sigil. Blood of Eliza to return to the Outlands.
  • We’re all here. Wait… where’s Fell?



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