A Cage Without a Key

How to Overcome Legends

  • We start on the staircase. The music box melody changed!
    Vox magically knew where to go. Up!
  • People almost fell on a balance beam
  • We met Seth, the dangling planes walker. He agreed to show us where the iron room is!
  • While resting at the planes walker holdout camp query: What drives you?
  • Well, up the staircase… the Lady of Pain? Lumen Rathbone? Fuck me, the Beast!
  • We killed the Beast! Fuck.
  • We made it to the Iron Room, music box music changed, bag of devouring? Portable hole? Let’s defy all reason!
  • Oh DAMN. Deep ethereal… Voira?! Oh. You’re just a key converter.
  • New key fits in the music box. Song #3!
  • … Now what?



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