A Cage Without a Key

Perplexing! Frightened! Excellent!

  • A mountain was birthed to just get in our fucking way.
  • We met a petitioner, he told us our alignment things
    We continued on, meeting four quadrons and the fucking inevitable
  • They put Vox under Ceas. Fucking Vox.
  • Leon fixed it though but now we have to kill Glip.
  • We made it to Zaos! The place is crazy. Crazy dope.
  • We met “Cara” in the Red Emerald, she might let us see Glip?
  • We got info on basement masked woman (Dysa) but then! Fight! Dead, dead, dead
  • Oh damn, Eliza is here! Eliza joins the party!
  • Off to see about Glip… we go! * He’s a big frog. He told us things. Good things.
  • Now to decide whether to tell the Quadrons…



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