A Cage Without a Key

The Road to Hell

  • We started by going through the archway. Oh, a circle? Sand? Fuck. More of this.
  • Oh god. The party cannot catch a break we almost split up. Again. And then again.
  • Vox almost became a petitioner because he got too mad. But now he’s fine really.
  • Time to get out of Carceri. To the Abyss!
  • Sleep time. Somnambulent perambulance! Rowan, nooo! Eliza to the rescue.
  • More sleep, less sleepwalking.
  • Boat rides summon baphamet arms.
  • We un-baphamet and go on a whirlpool ride.
  • Oh damn, Chaos jungle of madness.
  • We have to get off the boat and enter the palace of the Abysm? Okay, I guess.
  • The Book of Vile Darkness what a pretty book.
  • Oh shit the gatekeeper! Run! Go mad! Betray! But win. Leon almost dead.
  • Alright Afarit. There’s an old dude. He’s on fire. Afarit wants us on fire too.



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