A Cage Without a Key

Why Even Bother?

  • Oh god where is Fell?
  • Maybe Sigil. How to Sigil? Hopeless might know.
  • No colors. No smiling. Or else you get the rocks.
  • We saved the rock-guy who didn’t get the memo.
  • Tavern! Kinda! Holy shit, Madam Fong? Tell us stuff!
  • She did, then left with Melori to the Well of Urd
  • Let’s stay in an inn. Or not. Let’s stay with chain wolf bro.
  • Chain wolf bro lives in room 1408
  • He let us go, surprisingly. To the grey wastes!
  • Let’s go! Wait. But we didn’t care much really though. This shit is stupid why even?
  • Coin guy lead us to the River Styx boatman summoned – boat party!
  • Oh it’s a bloody hand, oh, we care? Oh ambush? Nah they get rekt.
  • But Elisa fell into the river Styx. Rowan came through hard with a Wish of ages.
  • Let’s continue to Prison Perilous, sans tattoos!



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