A Cage Without a Key

  • We begin a chat with Kylie. Who runs Zaos? A sold? Named Glip? Gross.
  • Well, off to the festhall Phyno falls into the Abyss!
  • We saw a play and went home morning – Kylie! She can get us within 200ish miles of Zaos. Shop time.
  • We left to the Kennel and jumped out the window. To the out lands! Fuqe it’s beautiful!
    We met Grandma Charlie the magic eating snufalupagus
  • Voices! They’re coming! Plant people! Fight! We killed them. Most of them. Charlie was saved!
  • Charlie is back at camp.
  • Well, suddenly night. Time it sleep.
The Unseen Consequences
  • We begin at home after the faction tour evening. Dope.
    Sleep time. Or not! Evil time in Rowan’s room!
  • We saw Rathbone at the festhall. Many fingers adorned his rings
  • Rathbone cut off a dude’s nose. Leon sewed it back on and we sent him off to the house of the calm. Our fault.
    Cali did something weird with a Sensate stone.
  • We saw Galin on the way home. He’s healed! He gave us stuff!
  • Party convo. About the future! * Back to the Sensates.
    Leon joins? Yes! Under Vox
  • Off to get a familial writ for Cali/Canaan
  • Parted Veil! Get some books, met a bodak, Kesto asked about Rowan’s patron. Afarit!
    Time skip! Stuff happened.
  • Kylie told us about Zaos and the door to the staircase in a basement. Dope.
  • Paid off our debt to Shameshka. Vox has to pass on the message that Shameshka wants to purchase Phyno from Shara/Shay
  • We also have to talk to Kylie!
Halflings, Fongs, Evil, & Dongs
  • Tao the light boy was hired to go tell Melori Fell’s fate.
  • She was almost hostile, but instead cried in Vox’s arms. She might maze herself!
  • Vox had a chat with Shara, every fixed their rooms
  • Party convo! We gotta lay low. * Leon wants to faction up. Harmonium? Sensates?
  • Guess we’ll get our D and R on the Falling Star!
  • Madam Fong knows all. Clash with Rathbone? Yep. Free Orid? Probs
  • Call her with mystic cord, return the gem to her glittering horde
  • After Vox/Halfling and Leon/Wong sex, evil above Rowan’s bed! We’ll let is slide… for now
  • Tour of the factions! We learned Leon chose the Society!
Stomp The Yard/The Downfall
  • We started with Rowan and Vox, off to find Tober. Quiver and Bow, some flophouse … Fuck Harmonium
  • Okay fight time. We lost =( Fade to black.
  • Okay Rathbone time. “Where is she?” Leon: “Dunno lol”, Canaan: “Hey Tober”, Cali: “There was a place”. Canaan crazied =(
  • Jail time! Vox and Rowan are interrogated
  • How to escape. Dunno, but food guy is a jerk.
  • Food jerk dealt with. Vox is food enforcer.
  • Made a deal with a girl. She escapes, we smuggle out Vox’s Sensate stone. All it took was a savage beating.
  • Shara came through harder than we could have imagine. She is the dopiest, Brill moves to 2nd favorite motherfucker
  • We’re home! Emery’s tided up! Bath time, Fell time.
  • Oh yeah, we met Phyno (Pee-No) when Shara won Vox’s heart forever. Maybe even Church’s
  • Leaving Fell’s? Nope. Lady of Pain. Fell? Where you go? Fell?
  • Fell?
Lessons About Imps
  • Business! Prices! Spells! Get Cut, Get Cured!
  • Knock, knock – Eliza- Answered with Dong
  • Eliza updates! Orid might want the box to pass to us!
  • Melori came to see us. Planar key acquired!
  • Fell does tattoos! Let’s get those! Yeah!
  • He wants Vox’s skin and I’m okay with that. And I’m not okay with that.
  • Canaan got a super important haircut
  • Sexy times again. Yeah!
  • Day One of Business – We win at capitalist pig
  • Hired a spooky NOT VAMPIRE and an idiot
  • Canaan didn’t tell us a thing about the imp – OH FUCK THE HARMONIUM DEAR GOD …RATHBONE
It Involves My Phallus
  • Lady of Pain killed 6 sign of the one dude. Two of them Aoskar bro’s.
  • We went home. Poison/Language training!
  • Day 9 – A lot of this session was a mall trip.
  • Took a bath and had us a naked meeting with Harys
    Went to Fortune’s Wheel. Got drunk, saw Shameshka, met Fell from Grace
  • Then we initiated magical sexy times. It was good.
  • Canaan on the other hand got prolongered
  • The prolonger failed to prolong
  • Canaan almost died, wounds were severe
  • Shameshka was pissed or saw oppertunity
  • One month of tithes to “Queen"
  • Basically we got rekt but we sexed so okay i guess
For Justice, For Pain
  • We begin this episode with the snake lady and riddle guy
  • We found out the date! It’s the 11th day, 4th month, 68th year of Factor Turnskull’s Reign
  • Cali understands Dabus now or something
  • Sleep time – Day 8. Off to meet Tober the contact!
  • We met Tober at a dope tavern. Info given!
  • Time to Sensate. Vox gets private sensate about stairs
  • Planeswalker guild? Booted out of the city
  • Hey we need to find out Boccob, the uncaring, Lord of All Magics. Time to Attend a Seminar!
  • We decided to check out Boccob’s wayshire in the Lady’s Ward
  • Kylie the sexy tout was met. She’s looking into the staircase for us.
  • We found the Boccob wayshire and met Brill, my favorite motherfucker forever
  • 5 Questions to Boccob. Granted access! Orid is cool! Rathbone doesn’t know!
  • On our way back, terrorism! Revolutionary league! Molotons!
  • We helped the Harmonium stop terrorism. Money!
  • We went home, then to the sensorium. The we left.
    Walking home. Dear god the lady of pain oh my god fuck me what are we even omg
Snakes, Cakes, & Sensates
  • On to the next house – the Harpers one a lot
  • Oh man Harper is old. He also got a writ. A forged writ.
    Well, he got arrested for forgery. Fucko’d
  • Taif for the last house. Diplomacy? Hell yes!
  • Now we (kind of) ditch Darrus to do the 4th bonus.
  • Or perhaps not. We decided not to. House gained!
  • Little Arcadian safe house accquired
  • Decisions about the party
    Wow we role played a party alignment exposition
  • Next day – Day 3 – Civic Festhall! Vox joined the Sensates!
  • Rowan/Cali/Vox – Small Job Ez-Dz
  • Yell at Canaan round 2: The Shrekening
  • He found info in the Great Library tho so there’s that
  • Time skip weeeeeeeeeeeek
  • Cake for muse snake lady and her
  • Snake lady tells us “Get out of my city (if you want the infinite staircase lol)"
    • Bonus Party Life! Happy Time!
      • Morality Veto Power: Leon
      • Master of Words: Leon
      • Master of Magics: Rowan
      • Master of Coin: Cali
      • Master of War: Vox
      • Master of Defense: Canaan
Move Along Citizen
  • Orid gave us the dopest key ever
  • “Hey go find the Iron Room plz"
  • Infinite stair case first tho
  • But wait market instead. Gimme that rock
  • But before that let’s yell at Canaan a bit
  • Party convo about powers! Exposition!
  • Alright. Time to work for potion lady.
  • Courier mission? Hell ye-oh god a head
  • Gave skull lady the slip – 10k richer
  • Met a giant moneylender! He was a fated.
  • Shopping!
  • Okay without armor. Training? Training.
  • Hey let’s be upstanding citizens now
  • Gonna get a house!
  • Gonna take us a house from Tiefs
  • Or we can pay everyone’s taxes
Boxes, Factions, & Bathtime
  • Oh god the air (Cali con damage)
  • Shopping trip! Rager’s Potfang’s!
  • Night market revealed Ren is a chaos man!
  • Jobs? Rats? Bounties?
  • Welcome to astral psionic mind fuck!
  • Well fine, we’ll learn about factions
  • Met Shara/Shay of the Sensates
  • Took super bath times, Leon’s more super-er
  • Holy fuck is that Eliza? Chaaase
  • Scythed at her to save her. Demeanor improved!
  • “Daughter” of terabad “Fated” leader. Lead us to portal to talk.
    Orid! In a box! He’s trapped on the prison plane!

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