A Cage Without a Key

Prologue: Part 1
The Tournament Begins

The day of the tournament has arrived and the Royal Grounds are bustling with the sound of royal, noble, and merchant lord alike. Almost anyone that matters seems to be present, save for a few notable exceptions, such as the Lady Shoshana of House Vymont and the whole of House Maret.

With the start of the tournament, comes the inevitable chaos of the eager throngs, a chaos that even the Royal Guard has trouble controlling, particularly with so many large egos in a walled in space. Fights break out and sometimes the Guard can’t be summoned quick enough. That leaves it to those present to act.

  • Leon of House Roux, Rowan of House Vymont, Canaan of House Dym, Cali of House Boivin, and Vox of House Cantrell meet – albeit briefly and under odd circumstances, the group forced to break up a fight in the Mead Run that was disrupting Cali’s business.
  • Canaan bumped into a strange dwarf carrying gardening implements and a stack of tattered parchments – one of which fell from his grasp before he wandered off. The parchment seemed to be some manner of advert, though using a style of print that’s only now just being used in distant Irongate. The note’s contents was equally queer.
  • The festivities of the tourney proper begin, the group entering the fields just in time to see the same strange dwarf being carted off by the Royal Guard, complaining of foreigners leaving litter in the Royal Garden.
  • Leon, Canaan, and Vox take part in one of the minor bouts, putting their skills against similar combatants eager for the prize of a sizable purse and a new warhorse. While each fought with enough tenacity to defeat their first opponents, the in the final match, a three-way contest – only Vox stood at the end, winning him the prize.
  • Meanwhile Cali and Rowan watched, sipping wine comfortably while discussing the merit of each fighter while better getting to know one another.
  • Before the Mage Duals, a mysterious event held somewhat more exclusively to spellcasters and safely away from passerby’s, the day’s victors were presented with the favor of the King and Queen. As the combatant from House Vox in the minor bouts was presented, the Lady Ingrid, Grand Magister of the Crown, collapsed while distractedly staring at the Scepter of the Moon, leaving everyone nearby in shock and dismay.
Prologue: Part 2
Into the Cage

Lady Vymont’s episode wasn’t fatal, though it left many at the tournament in shock, though those in the know later learned it was attributed to the consumption of feyblood, supposedly to enhance one’s ability to use the Sight. As she was escorted to her chambers, she murmured ominous portends regarding the scepter, a key, and the lady of shadows and blades.

After seeing her safely rested, the group gathered at the far end of the castle grounds to attend the Mage Duels. While the majority was there to watch, Rowan took part in the combat itself, taking out two of the other combatants before falling prey to an unconventional rival, a half-orc that used her magic to simply supplement her strength to force a physical test of prowess on her opponents.

  • The group gathered once more on the Meadrun, celebrating the first night of the tournament.
  • Rowan parted ways for a short while, heading to the castle gardens where she briefly spoke with the gardener, finding a second strange parchment.
  • Vox ran into a girl named Eliza who turned out to be a thief who claimed to be up near the northern ‘edge’. or border, of the kingdom. After speaking to her, the group reclaimed a few stolen goods and tried to extract a promise from Eliza that she wouldn’t steal any further. She avoided the promise and left.
  • The next morning, each of the party was in attendance at the king’s breakfast where some of the most influential people in the kingdom ate at the king’s expense. While people were distracted, the scepter vanished from sight.
  • The group made an attempt at stopping an invisible thief, a chase that ended at a portal in the garden where the party stepped into a portal leading to a strange shadowy umbra.
  • The portal led to an alleyway in a smog-filled slum in a city they eventually learned was built on the inside of a torus ring. After stumbling out of the alley, they found themselves in a wide thoroughfare filled with surly strangers, many of which looked unusual at best and monstrous at worst.
  • The group met a ‘tout’, or guide, at the Smoldering Corpse Bar, who gave the group a basic description of the city. After speaking of the city’s ruler, the ‘Lady of Pain’, the tout decided to guide the group to an alley where the Lady’s hands, the dabus, were trimming razorvine. The tout encouraged the group to ask about the Lady. They were then shown an ominous symbol.
  • The group was then ambushed by a group of thugs that were promptly defeated. After that, the tout guided them to a fophouse known as the ‘Bleary Rest’.
Session 3
Boxes, Factions, and Bathtime

The group has found themselves in Sigil, the ‘City of Doors’, the ‘Cage’. Without a way back, the group is forced to face the prospect that they could remain trapped for a while.

  • The group awoke at night, and without a tout. They briefly spotted a strange creature in the corner, focusing on an unusual little gem. They would later learn his name, Rhek’kon, and that the gemstone was a Karach, a blade of some kind.
  • With the hired the help of a ‘lightboy’, they were guided to the marketplace to buy new, more appropriate attire and gear. Noteworthy locations include: Rager’s, and Rotfang’s. Afterwards he guided them to one of the city’s many Night Markets where they could sell some stolen goods acquired from the thieves they fought from the day before.
  • When they returned they found a fight breaking out between Rhek’kon and a similar looking creature who proved volatile, though the fight was quickly ended when he attacked the party. Rhek’kon encouraged them to investigate the Civic Festhall to learn about the city and the factions.
  • At the Civic Festhall, the headquarters of the Society of Sensation, the Sensates. After meeting Shara and Shae, the Society’s Factols, of leaders. They offered an explanation of the city and a general overview of the planes, the city, and the factions.
  • Upon leaving, the group sought a place to relax and went to the House of Calm, a bathhouse run by an eladrin, some sort of celestial. Refreshed, they returned to the Hive where they argued about factions, goals, and the prospect of earning coin.
  • While the argument ensued, Vox stepped outside, only to spot Eliza walking across the street. A chase ensued, ending on the roof of a house in Ragpicker’s Square. There they learned she was the daughter of Lumin Rathbone, the leader of the Fated.
  • She guided them to a safehouse of hers somewhere underground in the city. There she revealed she didn’t know where she lost the key to their portal and that the theft of the scepter was related to the release of a man trapped in a place called ‘Carceri’.
  • After pleading with the trapped man through the music box, the group got a name, Orid Whiterit, and found a hidden key in the bottom of the box.
  • Party Met… Awkwardly!
  • Wine was sold! (Cali)
  • Major Houses were forgotten
  • Tournaments were won!
  • Lady died! Poison?!
The City of Oh My God!
  • Lady Viemont was okay (fey blood)
  • Mage Duels happened
  • Rowan made it to finals
  • Orc lady won!
  • Met Eliza the thief!
  • Eliza stole the scepter and ran thru a portal!
  • Dear god Sigil is a thing, send help
  • We met Ren, he’s okay I guess
  • We were attacked for a sec but we’re okay now
  • We went to rest
Boxes, Factions, & Bathtime
  • Oh god the air (Cali con damage)
  • Shopping trip! Rager’s Potfang’s!
  • Night market revealed Ren is a chaos man!
  • Jobs? Rats? Bounties?
  • Welcome to astral psionic mind fuck!
  • Well fine, we’ll learn about factions
  • Met Shara/Shay of the Sensates
  • Took super bath times, Leon’s more super-er
  • Holy fuck is that Eliza? Chaaase
  • Scythed at her to save her. Demeanor improved!
  • “Daughter” of terabad “Fated” leader. Lead us to portal to talk.
    Orid! In a box! He’s trapped on the prison plane!
Move Along Citizen
  • Orid gave us the dopest key ever
  • “Hey go find the Iron Room plz"
  • Infinite stair case first tho
  • But wait market instead. Gimme that rock
  • But before that let’s yell at Canaan a bit
  • Party convo about powers! Exposition!
  • Alright. Time to work for potion lady.
  • Courier mission? Hell ye-oh god a head
  • Gave skull lady the slip – 10k richer
  • Met a giant moneylender! He was a fated.
  • Shopping!
  • Okay without armor. Training? Training.
  • Hey let’s be upstanding citizens now
  • Gonna get a house!
  • Gonna take us a house from Tiefs
  • Or we can pay everyone’s taxes
Snakes, Cakes, & Sensates
  • On to the next house – the Harpers one a lot
  • Oh man Harper is old. He also got a writ. A forged writ.
    Well, he got arrested for forgery. Fucko’d
  • Taif for the last house. Diplomacy? Hell yes!
  • Now we (kind of) ditch Darrus to do the 4th bonus.
  • Or perhaps not. We decided not to. House gained!
  • Little Arcadian safe house accquired
  • Decisions about the party
    Wow we role played a party alignment exposition
  • Next day – Day 3 – Civic Festhall! Vox joined the Sensates!
  • Rowan/Cali/Vox – Small Job Ez-Dz
  • Yell at Canaan round 2: The Shrekening
  • He found info in the Great Library tho so there’s that
  • Time skip weeeeeeeeeeeek
  • Cake for muse snake lady and her
  • Snake lady tells us “Get out of my city (if you want the infinite staircase lol)"
    • Bonus Party Life! Happy Time!
      • Morality Veto Power: Leon
      • Master of Words: Leon
      • Master of Magics: Rowan
      • Master of Coin: Cali
      • Master of War: Vox
      • Master of Defense: Canaan
For Justice, For Pain
  • We begin this episode with the snake lady and riddle guy
  • We found out the date! It’s the 11th day, 4th month, 68th year of Factor Turnskull’s Reign
  • Cali understands Dabus now or something
  • Sleep time – Day 8. Off to meet Tober the contact!
  • We met Tober at a dope tavern. Info given!
  • Time to Sensate. Vox gets private sensate about stairs
  • Planeswalker guild? Booted out of the city
  • Hey we need to find out Boccob, the uncaring, Lord of All Magics. Time to Attend a Seminar!
  • We decided to check out Boccob’s wayshire in the Lady’s Ward
  • Kylie the sexy tout was met. She’s looking into the staircase for us.
  • We found the Boccob wayshire and met Brill, my favorite motherfucker forever
  • 5 Questions to Boccob. Granted access! Orid is cool! Rathbone doesn’t know!
  • On our way back, terrorism! Revolutionary league! Molotons!
  • We helped the Harmonium stop terrorism. Money!
  • We went home, then to the sensorium. The we left.
    Walking home. Dear god the lady of pain oh my god fuck me what are we even omg
It Involves My Phallus
  • Lady of Pain killed 6 sign of the one dude. Two of them Aoskar bro’s.
  • We went home. Poison/Language training!
  • Day 9 – A lot of this session was a mall trip.
  • Took a bath and had us a naked meeting with Harys
    Went to Fortune’s Wheel. Got drunk, saw Shameshka, met Fell from Grace
  • Then we initiated magical sexy times. It was good.
  • Canaan on the other hand got prolongered
  • The prolonger failed to prolong
  • Canaan almost died, wounds were severe
  • Shameshka was pissed or saw oppertunity
  • One month of tithes to “Queen"
  • Basically we got rekt but we sexed so okay i guess

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