Character Creation


For character creation, I will be using the standard 4d6, drop the lowest roll, method, using two sets of six rolls, picking the better. Characters will be rolled out on character creation night, but come ready with a concept.

Characters will be given an additional 1000 gold on character creation night to reflect their status. You can write the money into your backstory another way if you desire.


While I want a unique and interesting concept and backstory for your character, your overarching concept is expected to fit into a specific setting: a royal court. How you fit into the setting is up to you.

You could play a member of one of the Noble Houses or an outsider whose expertise earned them a place. You can be an emissary of a foreign power or a fresh recruit of the Royal Guard. You can even play someone related to the Crown. There are a few limits, however. Chief among them is that you cannot be an immediate member of the Royal Family (ie, son, daughter, brother, sister), though cousins and the like are permissible.

Please remember, whatever your main concept is, you choice will matter. If you decide to play a character that would be a pariah, expect to be treated as such. The way your character presents themselves is very important in this game.


What was your character’s upbringing like? Does he or she have any friends? Family? Rivals? Enemies? Tell me about some of their significant life events. How did it shape them? Fill me in on your character’s aspirations and goals, their quirks and fears.

Please put some thought into your character’s backstory, as one will be expected of you prior to play. You need not write me a novel, but a page or two on your character’s history would be nice. If you have questions about the setting, let me know, I’ll be happy to clue you in.


For this game, I am allowing and disallowing certain classes – as some simply do not fit the setting.

I will be allowing all of the Core classes, except Monk. While I like the monk class, it is difficult to fit an Eastern-themed class in Mercade during this period. Beyond that, all Core classes are permitted.

I’ll be allowing class choices from the other official Pathfinder Suppliments on a case-by-case basis. Run them by me and I’ll be sure to look over it ASAP.


I will be allowing any of the Core races in this game. Permission must be sought for any official Pathfinder Suppliment races and, as a warning, will likely not be approved.

As an additional note, you are free to select half-orc as a race, but be warned, Mercadians tend to distrust such creatures at best.


I can see almost all skills being of use in this setting, though I suspect, since it will be largely urban, Ride will see little use. Feel free to take the skill if you want it, but it is likely you may miss the opportunity to use it often enough for it to be of real value.

Final Note

There are a few parting thoughts I have for character creation. This first is this: Be prepared for anything. This game can take you literally anywhere, so be sure you create someone who can land on their feet when the rug gets pulled out from under them. Combat will still play a significant role, so be prepared for that and create a character who can defend themselves or at least escape trouble if and when it happens.

Next is this: I will not be restricting alignment. As a matter of fact, I’m not going to let you write it or your deity choice down on the character sheets. I will have you put it in the DM section of your character’s Obsidian Portal page.

Be warned, though, that in this game your decisions are going to greatly effect your character’s outcome. If you act evil and are caught, your character will be treated appropriately. Couple bad behavior in court with a single curious paladin with Detect Evil and suddenly you’re outed. Be really, really careful.

In any event, I hope you enjoy the game and remember: Be prepared for anything. There is no doubt there will be a number of major paradigm shifts regarding things to come. Nothing is as it seems.


If you are unsatisfied with a feat, skill, archetype, ability score, or class ability you chose, you may spend time in intense training to trade the old ability for a new one. Though it is time-consuming and expensive, this allows you to alter aspects of your character without extreme magic or a traumatic event. It also allows you to adapt to sudden changes going on around you.

Details are available on request.

Character Creation

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