Grand Magister Ingrid Vymont

Personal Lore:

Age: 76
Race: Human (Elf-Blooded)
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Blue

The Grand Magister (the king’s chief adviser and soothsayer) and the single most powerful spellcaster in Mercade, Ingrid is head of the House Vymont. Almost nothing is known about Ingrid or House Vymont, but its well known that the House is in peril of dissolving due to a lack of heirs. Shoshana Vymont is the only viable heir to the House name, but it is likely the Vymont line will cease with her as she shows interest only in her study of Magic and has turned away all suitors.

During her time as Grand Magister, Ingrid has overseen and advised the king as he slowly steered the kingdom towards peace. Recently, however, she has grown quieter – paranoid even. And the way she’s been looking at the King’s scepter

Grand Magister Ingrid Vymont

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