King Reynold Bartley III

Personal Lore:

Age: 56
Race: Human (Mercadian)
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Brown

Head of House Bartley and the King of Mercade, Reynold Bartley III is arguably the most influential man in Mercade, holding enough power and sway to not just rule his own kingdom, but vie with the other countries of the world.

While King Reynold is known for being a stern – even harsh – man, he nevertheless conducts himself as a man of honor, holding himself to an even higher code of conduct than those around him. Still, he has exacting standards and expects those around him to maintain a sense of decorum and honorable conduct.

Recently, his long time relationship with his vizier, the Grand Magister Ingrid Vymont, has seemed strained, even to the court’s attendees. No one seems to know why, and no one is keen to ask.

King Reynold Bartley III

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