Queen Magdelena Bartley

Personal Lore:

Age: 41
Race: Human (Mercadian)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

The daughter of a wealthy merchant noble, Queen Magdelena’s (orginally Magdelena Dalphine) marriage to the King Bartley was a political marriage more than a marriage born of love. During the later years of king’s campaign against the country of Belden the country’s coffers were insufficient to sustain the western front, so a marriage was arranged to fill the war chest and bring the merchant house Dalphine true noble titles.

The Queen is known for her quiet and prudent nature and is likely one of the country’s greatest advisers. Its believed that her word is nearly as powerful as the king’s – perhaps even moreso given her ability to advise the king in private – not just at court.

Queen Magdelena Bartley

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