The Clerks Ward


“Gold and the misers that hoard it lie in The Lady’s Ward, along with the seats of power within the Cage and the means to enforce it as well. But in the Clerk’s Ward lies the bureaucracy that oils the wheels of that great machine called Sigil, and it is within the Clerk’s Ward that the voices of the citizens of the Cage have been always heard. Control what the sources of those voices hear and believe, and you then control what direction that great machine moves, for better or for worse."

Where The Lady’s Ward represents the principal seats of power and influence in Sigil that operate under the ostensible authority and permission of Her Serenity, every seat of power requires a bureaucracy. Present in the Clerk’s Ward are those clerks, ministers, and petty officials that carry out, plan and order the points of business that are determined from The Lady’s Ward.

Hall of Speakers

The Hall of Speakers is forum in which the factions meet to spout their arguments over philosophy, city business, and to preach their take on the world to everyone who will listen. More often, those who listen are bound by their own factions to do so in order to wait their own turn to speak. Still, it is a long-held tradition that any citizen may have their voice heard in the Hall of Speakers, regarding Sigil’s policies. Its just a very, very long line.

The Hall of Speakers is the faction headquarters of the Sign of One.

Hall of Records

What existed once as a private university within Sigil known as Bigby’s College of Academic Arts and was subsequently repossessed by the Fated and the buildings were fashioned into a massive archive of public records. Here debt notices, writs of citizenship, criminal documentation, tax receipts, and all other manner of ledgers and books are amassed.

While a majority of records are public, the buildings in the campus grounds that house them are not, and unless a body’s got a writ from the Fated, they’re not likely to get in.

Civic Festhall

Along with the Great Gymnasium and the Hall of Speakers, which all sit within walking distance of each other in adjacent wards, the Civic Festhall stands as one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture within all of Sigil. Everything from the mineral veins present in the marble blocks used to construct the outer façade, which details in mosaic the five senses, to the color of the ore used to build the bladed spikes, spires, and flying buttresses that radiate from the building like the spines of a great ocean mollusk was carefully planned.

Outside the Festhall are two auditoriums, the Northumber Amphitheatre which is in open air and the Elloweth Theatre which is shielded by a translucent covering of capiz shell to allow in light. Both are used for live performances of musical and theatric presentations, typically in daylight hours. Other concerts, plays, and the like are held within Ren Hall inside the Festhall itself to packed crowds regardless of the price of admission. These larger scale events are held twice a night with staggered styles of performances between evenings.

Home to lecture halls, training rooms, feasthalls, bars, among other places to ‘experience’, the greatest attraction is likely the Sensorium, a hall of magic orbs that share an experience with the user). The Festhall is home to the Society of Sensation, or Sensates.

Other Locales:

  • Little Arcadia (Celestial Ethnic District)
  • Sandstone District (Tiefling Ethnic District)
  • The House of Calm (Bathhouse)
  • The Dark Water (Bathhouse)

The Clerks Ward

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