The Guildhall Ward


The Guildhall Ward is home to much of the city’s skilled craftsmen and laborers. Most of the guild houses lay in a rough circle around the center of the ward, clustered near to the Great Gymnasium. Among other examples, both the Escort and Touts Guild and the Builders Fellowship lie at opposite ends of Turtle Lane. Downwards some five blocks from the Gymnasium stands the Council of Innkeepers on Shallowglass Lane, while the Order of Master Clerks and Scribes sits nestled at the end of Dancer’s Court.

Folks of the Guildhall Ward tend to look on being likened with the Market Ward with offense. While many goods are bought and sold in both wards, the Guildhall Ward tends to be more skilled locals who make their own goods and provide their own services than Outsider merchants from other planes.

Great Gymnasium

Situated roughly in the center of the Guildhall Ward, the Great Gymnasium functions primarily as what its name implies. The calm beauty of the Great Gymnasium in many ways rivals or exceeds the laurels given to the glory of other buildings of the ward, and indeed the city. The gymnasium’s entire outer façade, and much of the inner structure, is built of a unique and evocative black marble laced throughout with veins of gold and rose colored minerals. The Great Gymnasium is also the home of the Transcendent Order, it’s a place where most any basher can go to improve their body by a great variety of physical activities.

The structure is composed of a grand front portico that rises up to front the central tower of the gymnasium. The first level extends to both sides of the tower and back, while the second floor comprises the tower and a top layer to the front of the left and right wings. The third and least frequented floor is that which comprises the top of the tower.

Dominating one of the exterior walls of the Great Gymnasium is a gigantic painted mural, gifted without any request for it nearly six years prior by a member of the Xaositects. Called simply the Painter, the tiefling up and decided to paint the wall one day, following her winds of whimsy. In the end, she created one of the most moving and beautiful paintings in all of Sigil. Abstract in nature, and as varied as the whims of the Painter herself, two different bloods can look at it and claim to see a different pattern within its chaotic – or perhaps simply complex – depths. Regardless of what one claims to see within it, it is evocative to most all that look upon it, and the Ciphers were not in the least ungracious to the Xaositect who took it upon herself to gift it to them for naught.

The first floor is dominated by the exercise field used for various martial arts and combat skills. The center of the field also sports three pools, one hot, one warm, and one cold. The second level has a number of meditation chambers, including one taking up most of the floor called the Shared Meditation Chamber, and a few additional training rooms for use of faction members only. The third level is off limits to anyone not associated with the faction.

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The Guildhall Ward

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